The mission of  GKSPORT is to provide the motorcycle enthusiast with high quality apparel with a focus on safety. Our "High Visibility" motorcycle gear offers unique styling that sets us apart from our competitors. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran rider,our products offer "360-Degrees of Visibility",durable fabrics, and unique design to keep you safe on the road. The original designs of our products stands out against our competitors and give you a cutting edge look with optimal safety.

  Safety on the highway is the most important concern of the motorcycle rider. More than half of motorcycle accidents involve a passanger vehicle. Staying safe on the road comes down to "Visibility". Whether your an everyday rider,a weekend cruiser,or a beginner,GKSPORT has what you need to stay safe.  "360-Degrees of Visibility" allow other motorists to see you before it's too late

  Just as firefighters and emergency management services equipment are designed,we offer the same level of safety. 100% top grade leathers joined with 3M innovative fabrics.